Learning Management System (LMS) - An Online Training Portal

Learning Management System (LMS) Definition & Real World Examples

A Learning Management System is a dynamic e-learning solution that manages and delivers online courses & training programs. It is the main force behind the online learning movement and subsequently the transformation of education and corporate training.

There are many types of LMS systems to choose from, but before we get into real world examples of which companies use what and what universities developed which, lets go over the basics.

What is a Learning Management System?

It is a powerful software technology that is used to deliver training materials, manage curriculum, and record performance evaluations.

It could be in a form of an open source software or proprietary solution. Either type is available for both commercial and educational use, it is just a matter of finding the best fit for the organization.

lms vendors

The technology was first pioneered in colleges and universities for classroom and homework assignment management, and now it is a tool used by many at the corporate and staffing organizations to keep their workforce up to date with training, certifications, and general continued education pertaining to their position, as well as skill development.

What it is today is far from what it was a decade ago, and with each passing year it is continuing to evolve with every new technological advancement. One prime example is in the ubiquitous use of smart phones that can now be used as a virtual classroom, allowing students, young and adult, to take courses from anywhere in the world, and making the term “running late to class” a thing of the past.

For more information on learning software and related technologies see this page at wikipedia.

LMS & Corporate Training

LMSCorporate training, also known now as corporate universities, have definitely taken the reins in implementing online learning portals as the backbone of their education and training curriculums & activities.

Even though they are not a real “University” in the traditional sense, a few of them have been recognized by the American Council on Education and are eligible for college credit.

A good example of this is with the Jiffy Lube University and their extensive curriculum that uses a blended learning approach of online education and on site training.

Having an entity that uses a Corporate LMS to organize all the corporate training under one roof is paramount in keeping a common sense of culture among the employees as well as a good return on investment for the parent company. Furthermore, it also helps provide company specific and job specific skills to boost employee moral and help company employees with their careers.

The Airline Industry – An Example

No one does this better than Airlines. The US Airways Wings website is a great showcase of what can be done with a corporate portal. It has industry and company news, HR employment and pay information, and discount and perks including the often sought after US Airways travel discounts, as well as a learning portal to keep pilots, crews, and the engineers, on top of the myriad of changes that come their way with each new aircraft, government regulations, TSA safety, airports, and other company specific changes (similar to Delta Airlines and their DeltaNet portal).

With so many benefits there is no wonder online learning technologies are being used more and more in companies, large and small, throughout the world.

Helpful Access Reminders

If you forgot your URL address to directly go to your portal home page and need to access your login portal you first need to find out the school or organization hosting your account.

For example, if I were to access my SabaNow page at McDonald’s then I would search for McDonalds LMS login, this should show you the result you are looking for to eventually access your training and learning portal.

Alternately you can just spell it out, one such example would be Army Learning Management System Login. This should also narrow down the result to a more specific list related to the Army LMS or the Army SkillPort website, also known as the ALMS Army platform. The same goes for the Navy E-Learning site and their NKO website..

This can become a problem when you have too many different types of portals to log in to. To be more specific and to give you a better example, if you are a student at New Horizon and say working part time training at Subway University, well then, now you have two logins to remember for your access including a URL, User ID, and Password.

If this is the case I recommend that you create a bookmark category, let’s call it “Learning Lounges” (Ala Best Buy’s e-learning portal), and save all of them in one location. Or better yet, try using a password manager like LastPass to organize and remember your passwords with ease.

Login Management

LMS Login is the term used to refer to the central homepage for your learning management website. Its the first page, the gateway if you will, of the main portal where you would use your e-learning login credentials to access your online classes, training  tools, and helpdesk support services.

You could be attending a University, or working at a large corporation and getting trained in their corporate training program, or maybe you are still be in elementary school, either one of these institutions will provide you with a link, a username, password, and instructions to use their vendor’s web site.

In fact, it seems like now a days, the only age you don’t have to worry about login issues is when you are a baby!

It might be a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but once you access your portal more often, it will start getting familiar and easy to navigate. You can also use the help desk if you have questions with the site they are there to help guide you with your classes and your usage of the portal to manage your online learning and continuing adult education efforts, whether you are a student or an employee.

This is where a software like Evernote can also play a huge role in aiding you (if bookmarking is not enough). Its like your second brain in the cloud that can remember everything you don’t want to consciously keep thinking of, or carelessly write down on a piece of paper next to your computer where any one can access

Whatever you decide to do, be careful not to give away personal information from sophisticated phishing techniques. One such way I have seen this used is through emails from addresses that look like they come from legitimate organization like Verizon, Phoenix University, Cornerstone or Blackboard.

This is why we always recommend for you to bookmark your portal page or any page that requires you to enter private login information. An example of this would be of your healthcare provider, so instead of searching for your medical provider portal, also known as a patient portal, bookmark your provider’s sign-in page for a more secure and convenient access to your electronic medical records. This will provide an additional cyber security layer to protect your sensitive data.

These emails will contain a link to your learning management system page and they will either scare you or encourage you to click the link, where you will then be taken to a login page to enter your user sign in credentials.

If you check the header you will notice the email is from a completely different web address. This is why its better to just type the URL of the training resource you are trying to access directly in the address bar.

But in fact that page is a fake web page designed to get your username and password. This is significant because now they can access personal information that is in the LMS portal account.

connexus login

Connexus login dialog box

What this allows them to do is then use this additional sensitive and private information to access your bank account or credit card account, something you don’t want to deal with.

Always Be E-Learning

Either way, the fact that you are searching for your LMS login implies you are learning, so congratulations for continuing your education. It doesn’t matter what you are learning, whether its in a fast serve restaurant, career education, a life saving skill from the Red Cross Center, or if you are attending a local college or an online university, your are bettering yourself and that is the best investment you can make, in yourself.

haiku login

Haiku login dialog box

Also, just in case you were not aware of this, there are a few and growing elearning companies that are offering free courses and low cost courses on a range of topics, from the simple subject of how to be proficient on Microsoft Word to the more complicated subject of Biochemistry. A few such companies are Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity.

I promise you will love their courses as they have something for everyone regardless of your educational interests.

What’s nice about these e-courses is your ability to earn badges online to properly reflect your e-learning accomplishments.

Gamify & Socialize The Learning Experience

By Entertainment & Gamification, we are not talking about the always entertaining Disney Hub nor are we talking about Disney’s Enterprise portal. No, what we are talking about here are digital Badges that are a type of gamification in education to encourage you and reward you for being an e-student.

What’s great about these online learning courses is that they are different from the traditional educational institutions that use a learning management systems solely for the purpose of managing your profile and user information.

Instead, the online learning courses mentioned above, gives you the option to use your Facebook account as your e-learning login which simplifies the whole experience and at the same time makes online learning social.

Example of Gamification Badges in Online Education Courses.

Example of Gamification Badges in Online Education Courses.

Just imagine, as soon as you finished a course, let’s say on how to design a logo (a low cost course), you can immediately let everyone know in your social network and get a bunch of online high fives (also known as likes!).

What’s more you might actually get business referrals from friends or friends of friends to design their website or business logo, making you an instant online entrepreneur.

Now how cool is that!

There are more than just one type of company that uses these gamification badges in their training courses. They realized they have invested heavily in making their portal a central hub where all staff members will continue to access and learn from in a regular basis, so why not make it fun and engaging? That’s why one of the main attraction for employees to access their website is the entertainment aspect of it where its fun and rewarding to learn.

The Reach of Online Education

The revolution of online education has echoed much farther then just making learning fun and social with online digital badges. You can make it more tailor made to your needs regardless of budget with the help of low cost e-courses. And of course it is now more comfortable to access by being available anywhere you have internet connection (be it at home or Starbucks) and using your LMS login credentials to access your classroom.

Today online education is even available to inmates, both juvenile and adults, by using closed networks with companies like Edgenuity that offer their own private connection directly between them and correctional facility in the district they are working with, to allow inmates a convenient way of continuing their education.

The district can choose what curriculum to offer and they can track every aspect of the student’s activity, since each students has a unique e2020 education login that they will use to access the closed system. And yes, many security guards keep up with the online education with their own online skill learning tools or with the protection company they work for such as Securitas.

You Know What You E-Learn

The evolution of online education and e-learning in general is ever changing, just like your education should be. In this day and age what you can learn is only limited by your hunger to learn, and nothing else.

So my advice to you would be to always keep seeking more knowledge and learning new skills regardless what age you are and what stage of your career you are in. Even engineers at Oceaneering continue their education online, so you should too.

Here is a short video to summarize the above info: