Adult Learning Center Advantages

Adult Learning Center Advantages

The sole purpose of an adult learning center is to be the essential resource for individuals that are interested adult education services without the need to go back to college or the lack of financial means to do so.

They serve many functions and continuously add programs and courses to stay relevant and integral to the communities they serve. This includes both currently employed adults who want to improve their skills in specific topic, as well as, the unemployed who need to update their skill-set to be more marketable in the job market.

But by and large there are two very important advantages they serve to the public.

  1. The ability get the basic education necessary to pass the GED test (and by doing so be eligible for hire as it is a basic requirement for all companies).
  2. To help you obtain advanced skills and vocational training to advance your career or to actually get one in any field you desire.

Let me explain.

Get Your GED Diploma

There are many reason why an adult hasn’t finished their high school education and got their diploma. Many of us are in tough situation where we have to make difficult real life choices. Some are not sure if their family will have a roof over their head next month, or if they will have anything to eat tomorrow.

When you are faced with such realities, the last thing on your mind is whether you are ready for tomorrow’s Math exam or if you can submit your English essay next week. School assignments and related thoughts are the last thing on your mind when you are faced with such harsh realities, and rightly so!

Of course, these are just a few reasons why one doesn’t finish their high school education and regardless of the reason, an adult learning center can help adults get prepared and pass the GED  test.

They offer many ways to help  adult learners start and finish the necessary classes, including tutoring for Math and English, as well as remote distance learning via an online e-learning system so they could access their classes from home just in case they are not able to attend the class in person.

Some of the adult education centers even have a child care services so that if the parents can’t offered a babysitter or they don’t have relatives to help them with their child, they can take their son or daughter with them while they are taking their classes. All available completely for free.

Getting your GED and having a high school equivalent education is the basic requirement companies like Subway and McDonald’s look for when they want to hire you for a job.

Get Your Career Training

There use to be a time when a skill wasn’t learned through apprenticeship or on the job. Those opportunists are still available but they are much harder to come by.

On the other hand there are vocational colleges that offer 6, 12 and 18 month fast course education and hands-on training in pretty much any career you might be interested in. Unfortunately the tuition costs can run up to ten’s of thousands of dollars and sometimes without even much to show for it.

Add to the fact the uncertainly of the job market, and it is even more intimidating to take on such a commitment of time and financial burden just to end up without a job or at least a well paying one.

Adult learners who are interested in a career without the exorbitant costs of a college education or attending vocational institution, they can enroll at a local community adult learning center. Each center offers a list of courses and programs that one can choose from depending on their interests.

The list of program options to choose from are literally endless.

There are beauty programs, like cosmetology, nail technician and manicuring, and barber shop. There are industry and health courses like pharmacy technician, photovoltaics,  x-ray technician, and medical coding. There are computer related courses like CAD design, computer repair, networking, and animation and game design. And there are even programs for the get down and dirty types, like auto repair, HVAC, and locksmithing.

If you can think it, they have it. You just have to decide what is the future you want and go for it.

The costs can also vary from program to program or region to region. Some are a couple of hundred while other can run up to a thousand or two (books included).

But don’t let that deter you from starting as there are many programs that can assist you in paying down or even waiving the fees entirely or postponing them until you started working in your new career.

Just Get Going

In my opinion the above services are the most important advantages of an adult learning center but they have so much more to offer. They have citizenship preparedness program, English language classes for none natives, and even parenting classes. Just go to a local center and see for yourself.

Regardless of the advantages they have, it is up to the adult learner to take advantage of them, the centers will always be there to serve them.

Always keep in mind that you can either work as a cashier at Best Buy or be part of the Geek Squad, same company but one you gets paid more than the other.