AMC WorkBrain for Employee ETM, Help & Login

AMC® WorkBrain for Employee ETM, Help & Login Guide (Unofficial)

AMC® WorkBrain is an online software program that is available to businesses and corporations as a way to communicate, train, and relay information to a business’s staff and employees. It is widely used by some of the leading businesses in today’s work force, and is used not only by American Multi-Cinema Inc, but also by McDonald’s with their restaurant employee program, Dunkin’ Donuts and their online university for franchisors and staff members, US Airways’s wings and travel hub website, and many more!

Their online portal software is used to not only show an employee their schedule, payslips, and other vital employment information, but it also works to help train workers and ensure uniformity and a standard level of excellence amongst employees.

Benefits of AMC’s Training Portal

AMC Theater building in the morning

AMC® in Del Amo, California.

Employees on many levels are expected to use the WorkBrain portal during their employment with AMC®. This software not only works to train them, but also show them all of their schedule information and payment information in a convenient way. Employees can even access mail through this online program and read anything that is sent to them from the parent company regarding their employment, company wide memos, and other news related to the organization.

An employee will first be given their WorkBrain account information by their manager who will then show an employee how to not only login to WorkBrain, but also use the modules set up, find their paycheck information, and read their schedule.

This advanced training program available online is widely beneficial to both the company itself and the employees. The training modules available on the portal track and record an employee’s progress. Employees can come back to various training modules at their own time, or they can attempt to work on other modules to not only learn more about the company, but also how to be a better employee and be noticed for promotions.

On the online portal, managers and supervisors can then view an employee’s progress through their training modules. This is massively beneficial for an employee who wishes to be considered for advancement and pay raises within the company. With a great promotional system set in place, employees with the drive and determination can easily work on their own time and get quickly promoted to managers and even owners!

This strategy is common now a days as with all the training and experience an employee receives within a corporation it just make sense to choose them when it comes to hire ranks positions within the company. Best Buy does the exact same thing which is why they too implemented an online learning lounge, as it is called, to help manage their training for the thousands of staff members they have to manage.

Login to WorkBrain

Accessing the training program is quite simple. First, an employee needs to get all of the necessary login information. This information will consist of a username and a password. The username is assigned to the employee as their associates number (this is a seven digit number given to an employee by their manager). The password for the WorkBrain login, on the other hand, should be an employee’s social security number.

Once an employee has all of their login information, they can go to and login from any computer.

After logging in, the employee can then access:

  • AMC® Mail
  • Training Modules
  • Paycheck information
  • Schedule

The training program will cover a range of skills that an employee is expected to know for their current position. Additionally, there will be modules available about other positions, should an employee wish to learn more about other jobs and enrich their overall understanding of the organization their work for. From basic hygiene and safety practices, to customer service and maintenance, employees will learn the basics about how to successfully interact with the public and perform their duties. If you have worked previously in a quick service restaurant such as Subway (Subway Restaurant’s also has an online training program) then you will be familiar with the above classes as they are very similar in their teachings.

American Multi-Cinema, Inc.

AMC® Theatres began over ninety years ago as a simple family run business showing films on a single screen. After some innovative thinking, they reinvented movie theaters and began showing films on multiple screens in the same buildings. As a result, they became quickly the most popular destination for cinema entertainment and, from its first buildings in Kansas City, they have now expanded into over three hundred locations accommodating over two hundred million movie goers each year.

amc-theaterTo help the continuously growing number of customers each year, American Multi-Cinema, Inc. employs thousands of individuals and works hard to train them as the servers, cleaners, managers, and corporate officials they are today. Unfortunately having a single standard training program for all of the employees at all three hundred plus locations is quite difficult which is why they uses the unique software program called AMC® WorkBrain to help.

The good news is that with so many employees and attendees, they know its difficult to keep up with security and other monitoring activities. So they frequently hire outside security guard companies like Securitas (who are top notch when it comes to keeping up with the latest training on guard duties) to manager their theaters as far as theft and other inappropriate activities by patrons.

Check out this video for some security monitoring training tips:

AMC® is the registered trademark of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.