American Red Cross Saba Learning Center & Instructors

American Red Cross® Saba Learning Center & Instructor’s Corner In a Nutshell

The American Red Cross® Saba Learning Center is an online learning management system that provided course information and management, online classes, training records and an overall central source of all American Red Cross® training.

This give you real time access to student and instructor certificate and transcripts for easy printing and reprinting done directly from their online database.

Saba, and the Saba learning management system platform, is one of the top online learning systems that caters to the top organizations because of their vast experience and technical know how in e-learning and online training management. A perfect example is McDonalds use of Saba’s LMS for their organization training as well as Subway and their online University, and Dunkin’s Skillport Website.

Learning To Login

Once you access the learning center at the URL you can use your American Red Cross® Saba login to create new courses including Red Cross CPR classes, as well as printing a new Red Cross CPR certification. You have to be in good standing with the American Red Cross® to have this access privileges in the LMS portal. This is something that can be revoked at the by a Red Cross administrator if your standing changes.

One of the perks of being a volunteer and in good standing is the eligibility to participate in random drawings that can include grand prizes such as travel accommodations, including airfare by way of US Airways Wings center, to different resorts and exclusive events.

When you first login to the Saba American Red Cross® Learning Center login portal, your default password will be “Welcome1” and your user name is your American Red Cross® instructor ID. Once you login you will need to change your password ASAP.

Guest users can click the “View Catalog” link to browse and get a feel for the website before signing up as new users.

american red crossPlease do not confuse the above site with the American Red Cross® instructors corner website,  as they each have a different set of credentials.

I would even suggest not to make the password the same but I do understand the frustration of remembering multiple password for different sites or even for the same company!

American Red Cross® + Saba

As an instructor at the American Red Cross®, not only are you teaching people how to save lives but your are training thousands to do the same, so having an online resource in the cloud to manage all your courses, students, and other important records, is immensely valuable.

It’s understood that whether is a First Aid/CPR Emergency situation or being a lifeguard at the beach each life you save matters. This is why the American Red Cross® Learning Center was established. With the help of an advanced online LMS learning portal by Saba, the life saving skills one can learn, can now reach farther and wider than any other time.

I have even seen partnerships between the red cross and other corporations like AMC theaters where employees of one company can access training by the other through the WorkBrain portal employee website. Such collaborations are imporant as millions of people go and watch movies every day and if there are better trained staff located at these venues, there will be less issues due to lack of preparedness.

Check out this video on how to perform CPR (talk about corporate collaboration!)

Please note, the American Red Cross® and logos are the registered trademarks of the American Red Cross. Should you have any questions regarding their CPR certification program you should reach out to them directly as this site is not affiliated with their organization.