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Army Learning Management System (ALMS) Benefits & Resources

The Army Learning Management System, better known as the ALMS, has one of the top training and career development learning online platform systems. They use an advanced web based platform specifically for Army soldiers to deliver, manager, schedule, and collaborate training and career planning for all Army personnel.

The ALMS is significantly different than the Army E-learning program as the former is specific for Military related courses, such as Medic, Artillery, and similarly related topics.

With so much dedicate to the education of our Military men and women some forget the fact the military has a career education program for spouses as well. Knowing the importance and the sacrifice it takes to be a Military spouse, spouses of Army personnel, as well as the other Military branches, can participate in their own online learning program dedicated to the spouses called MyCAA – Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts.

The ALMS – Briefed

The Army LMS helps the instructors, trainers and the training manager to stay on top of the training soldiers including Department of the Army (DA) civilians. Using their Army Knowledge Online – AKO ID and password, Army personnel can login and access their training remotely, practically from anywhere they have internet access, and use the system on their own time.


This is an important point, since you might have a lot of down time and are not sure what would be the best way to spend it. If you want to advance faster within the ranks the it might be wise of you to take as many courses as necessary to get promoted.

Keep in mind that each 5 hours of online learning is equal to 1 promotion point as long as you complete and pass the course successfully. There are literally thousands of courses to choose from so if you have any questions always consult an advisor.

Not all courses would be on your schedule sort to speak. In certain classrooms some sessions would need to be live session in order to collaborate with other students and the teacher. Since the ALMS is a synchronous e-learning platform, instructors can set these live sessions and have the class log on and be involved in discussions, and other shared applications.

The Value in an Army Learning Management System

The most valuable thing about this platform is its ability to track the course records and training progress of the Soldiers and to help leaders identify any knowledge or training deficiencies that might have gone unnoticed.

This way both the Soldier and the leader can make sure those deficiencies and any other shortcoming are addressed, helping keep any standards and policies enforced throughout the ranks.

Army Training

Training makes you stronger online as well as off.

This is particularly important since many of the Army staff and Soldiers do not mean to skip certifications or compliance related training, but simply are too pre-occupied with the stress of day to day Military activities and so more often than not taking classes are secondary on the mind of the Soldier.

Having an organized central location to access ones courses, registration information, and history records, will ease the burden on the Soldier, streamline the process to stay current on their straining and give a sense of stability to their families. Not to mentioned the saving on the cost per trained Soldier.

Army Strong – Technology Strong

The Army learning management system is powered by Saba LMS, one of the more effective and feature rich LMSes available. The beauty of using one of best LMS solutions is the way it helps students stay on top of their training, education and career advancements without getting in the way of their learning.

The Army has a dedicated website to provide further detail to their whole approach in utilizing distributed learning technology, and the many programs available for you to participate in. You can learn more at