Best Buy® E-Learning Lounge ETK - The Employee Toolkit For Your Success

Best Buy® E-Learning Lounge ETK – The Employee Toolkit For Your Success

The Best Buy® Learning Lounge is the premier portal where all sales associates and staff member can access the Best Buy® Employee Toolkit (ETK) in an online elearning environment.

Best Buy® eLearning is where all new hires and current employees continue their training to educate themselves and gain better general knowledge of the products that Best Buy® carries in their stores as well as general rules and procedures to what’s commonly referred to as the Best Buy® Path To Excellence.

The Best Buy® ETK is not just a fancy toolkit to help you sell better, but a destination for you to use and educate yourself better as an adult, understand the products and their intended use, how to help shoppers with their shopping experience, and other informative information to better serve the customers needs and make you a successful employee.

A Better Best Buy® Employee

For example, say if a customer is interested in a $1,000 TV, but after talking to him you realize that he would be better off getting the $800 TV plus a Roku box, this will make both you and the customer will feel better about the sale and purchase. This is similar to how Apple is able to sell its high priced laptops and PCs because it listens to the customer and then makes a recommendation accordingly.

I experienced this first hand when my mom wanted to buy a $1,500 iMac but the Apple Sales Genius suggested the $1,300 version since all she will be using it for is surfing and emailing. Of course then my mom was easily convinced to get a $100 printer too, after all in, her mind she saved $200 on the iMac!best buy learning lounge

This type of selling by educating makes customers feel like they are in good hands because every question they have about the product is answered with knowledgeable replies so they feel more comfortable about the sale.

And since you, their benevolent sales associate is the one who spent his time teaching them about the product they are interest in and directing them to a better solution for their needs, they will more likely purchase the item right then and there from you, the Best Buy® employee, instead of looking up online for a cheaper price.

In effect the sales associate added value to the sale and that is well worth it for the customer to pay for the higher price tag.

A Learning Experience

Best Buy Store

Empty lot in California.

The Best Buy® eLearning employee website will always be updated to included all the new electronics, appliances, and other offering since it is maintained by creative channel services’ site.

This is funded by all the suppliers who provide the necessary online training to help retailers better communicate their products to the customers, and in so doing also convert the prospective customer to an actual buyer.

As a Best Buy® employee you should take advantage of  the Best Buy® Learning Lounge website just like McDonald’s Employee do and login to it frequently.

I will give you three good reasons for this:

  1. The more you know about the products on the floor the more you will sell, and more sales means better commissions.
  2. Your manager can track your training and how much time you spend educating yourself and learning about Best Buy’s product offerings. This usually will lead to incentives and raises.
  3. If you lose your job at Best Buy® or decided to quit and find a better job else ware (like say at Jiffy Lube) then your knowledge on the products and any certifications you were awarded can help you shine at other retailers.

As you can see its a win win situation for you to use all the Best Buy® ETK  training materials given to you at the Learning Lounge website and strive to

Note: To make any work related Best Buy® schedule changes you would need to access the Best Buy® TLC website and not the learning lounge. The Best Buy® Path to Excellence award.

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