Best LMS Systems By Popularity

Best LMS Systems By Popularity

Capterra created a list of the top 20 most popular and best LMS Systems software solutions. The list ranking is the grand total of the aggregate metric of the combination of customer installations, user usage and online presence (think social buzz).

Moodle still reins supreme (mostly because its free and open source)  but it is interesting to follow how the ranking will change over time as some the sector will eventually have to consolidate with so many players in the market it is inevitable that they will sooner rather than later.

Top LMS Solutions


For details of the how, what, and why questions you might have please see the detailed article here.

If you are not familiar with Capterra, then you should be. They have an amazingly comprehensive list of software solutions categorized by industry and usage type.

Such a list, like the above Best LMS Systems, would have been more than enough to impress me, but Capterra goes the extra mile and provide access to professional advisors that act like match makers between you and the software solution that would be best for you. You can check them out at

One of my favorite solutions is the Docebo, so to show you what new with them I included a 2min video for your viewing pleasure below: