BK Gateway - The Burger King® Employee Portal You Should Access Regularly

BK Gateway – The Burger King® Employee Portal You Should Access Regularly

The Burger King® Employee Portal (better known as the BK Gateway) is the main employee training portal for all Burger King® staff and franchise members from corporate HQ.

Burger King® is the world’s second largest fast food restaurant chain behind McDonald’s. With more than 11,000 restaurants in 65 nations, it’s constantly on the lookout for good employees. When it finds them, it trains them in company protocol and customer satisfaction.

Training at Burger King® equips employees for the rigors and rewards of their new jobs. Burger King® employees take on several roles. While typically acting as fast food cashiers, team members also work as cooks and perform duties at drive-thru windows.

King of all Trades

It’s like being an utility infielder on a baseball team. Daily duties change frequently and shifts are assigned as needed by restaurant management. During the day, employees may be asked to greet customers providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Employees take drink and food orders at the counter. They prepare food items and drink requests.

Employees are trained on the ground at each restaurant along with information provided at the Burger King® employee portal training website. This is similar to how Dunkin Brands utilizes their Dunkin University program, a combination of on-site and online training.

The Right-Track Training Program at the BK Gateway is designed for the new employee whether they have previous food service experience or not. The first half of the day, or about four hours, is devoted to video and workshopping activities. Video is shown detailing Burger King® history, company policies, and the basics of working for the company. It covers items like how to make a Whopper, employee safety, food safety, and working the cash registers along with answering customer questions. A big reason Burger King® emphasis  so much on their training is to minimize any legal suits.

burger king gatewayMoving to Hands-on Training

After the videos and initial paperwork and introductions, training generally moves to hands-on interactive training. Those learning general Burger King® protocol may be trained in the basics of front counter work and handling the drive-thru window. Practice makes perfect, so new hires work systems, buttons, and cash register with practice orders. Experienced employees and managers are tasked with this portion of training.

Training is ongoing. After being on the job for a while, Burger King® workers get a full day’s worth of re-training with updated and advanced training in food safety and customer interaction using onsite computers to access the Burger King® Gateway website. Those successfully finishing advanced training are eligible for promotions and special programs. The benefits can vary but I know of some corporate training programs that will give you college credit, like Jiffy Lube’s University, so pay attention to the benefits available to you as things can change.

Customer Satisfaction, Store Set-up & Clean-up – The BK Way

Customers have lots of questions, so workers are assigned to answer inquiries about menus, store policies, and services. Training at the BK employee portal includes specific tips how to handle even the most difficult situations along with the common every-day questions.

Burger King® employees take on much of store set-up and clean-up activities. Workers must be prepared to create a clean restaurant environment so customers return for more. Typically, initial training doesn’t take very long. It consists of a full day of audio-video presentations along with employee introductory material. This is followed by a few days of demonstrations and introductions as well as team training by associates. If you want you can also get a industry standard certification from ServSafe that will look great with your managers.

New-hire employees learn the menu during training, review, and perform techniques for safe, sanitary food preparation. They learn additional coping techniques for dealing with extra-finicky customers. Additional training takes place on an ongoing basis. Employees have the opportunity to gain experience leading to managerial positions. Other benefits employees learn of include meal discounts and special promotions access.

Burger King® new-hire workers are trained to work a typical shift that might include:

  • Cleaning Broilers – Food safety and quality are all-important
  • Cleaning Dining Room – Positive customer experience is key
  • Wash Dishes – Cleanliness is essential at all stages
  • Perform Side Work – Food preparation never stops
  • Greet Customers – Put on a happy face, solve problems, answer questions

Training includes walk-throughs for a typical day. For example, employees might come to work and start doing dishes. When that’s done, they perform general restaurant cleaning duties, clean the dining room, take apart, and cleanse the broiler (a curriculum that has been adopted by Five Guys University as well). That’s followed by taking orders and performing general cashier and drive-thru duties. Working as a crew member also might entail making sandwiches in the back on the prep line.

Burger King® Gateway’s Other Training Programs

bk gatewayOther Burger King® training programs involve everything from managerial positions all the way to franchise owners. Franchisees get a special two-week, 440-hour program going through everything they need to bring success to all levels of their operation. Management training includes orientations, history, mission, and values training intended to bring management skills to effective employee leadership.

Managerial training includes intensive hands-on daily operational work enabling managers to run individual stores from the ground up. Functional leadership tools and skills are taught on-site for several months. In-restaurant training finishes with field assignments. Typical assignments include operations profitability and sales coach, restaurant general manager, and district manager.

However, regardless of the program you would pursue, the Burger King® employee portal is the main destination to facilitate all the electronic learning courses needed for you to complete your training program.  So don’t let your BK gateway login gather up dust, use it often and take advantage of every learning opportunity, remember you could always use your training skills at McDonald’s.

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