Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas Learning Management System

People are passionate about the Canvas Learning Management System platform. You can ask many users out there what they think about canvas and an overwhelming majority can’t stop praising the quality and usability the product delivers.

It not only makes the job of the educator and teachers easier but also help students learn easier without the complexities of other learning managements systems.

This doesn’t mean Instructure’s Canvas software lacks any features or is a “lite” version of what is out there. Quite the opposite, the Canvas education software is feature packed like no other LMS I have seen, and it is constantly worked on to make it as customizeable as possible for each organization that is interested in quality elearning platform that just works.

They even have a  Canvas LMS API so developers take further create and customize apps and reports to give you even more flexibility and use. That’s how an open source lms should be.

canvas lms

Personally, one of the best ways to get to know a product and really give it an honest shot, you should use it and take it for a spin. If you want your own Canvas LMS review then I  recommend for you to try the canvas software education product for two weeks and spend some good time on it (Instructure has a free 2 week trial account period for this exact purpose). This way you don’t need to fret of the cost or pricing until you decide you like it.

Take a  look at the comparison table below from the Canvas website between the top lms’es out there you will see what I mean when I say the Canvas Learning Management System tops them all:


Regardless of  what LMS you decide for your school or elearning course, it is always a good practice to checkout a few options before you decide. good luck on your search.