Disney Hub - The Walt Disney Enterprise Portal

Disney Hub – The Walt Disney Enterprise Portal (WDW)

Disney trains all their employees to the highest possible standards, but in recent years they have used more contemporary high-tech training methods to get it done and improve the overall onboarding experience.

This includes incorporating e-learning into their training, which is available through the Walt Disney Enterprise Portal, also known as The Disney Hub. This was a necessary investment as the size and scale of this international company has truly exploded in recent years.

The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates, best known for Walt Disney Studios – one of the largest movie studios in Hollywood. Disney are headquartered in Burbank, California, and employ 175,000 people around the world. The company also operates the American broadcast network ABC, The Disney Channel, merchandise, and 14 theme parks located across the globe.

What is the Hub

the disney hubThe Hub is an intranet portal that has been developed by the company especially for Disney employees around the world, as well as contractors. It is an excellent resource that will provide staff with information on Walt Disney’s college program and training courses, skill development opportunists, their standards & procedures, as well as the latest news about the Company. It includes information about all Disney companies, including the Disneyland Resort, ESPN, Walt Disney World, and Disney Consumer Products.

Benefits of the Enterprise Portal

Image if your was your classroom was at Walt Disney World?

Image if your was your classroom was at Walt Disney World?

There are a wide range of benefits in using Disney enterprise portal if you are an employee of Disney. For example, you will be able to request time off work from your employer by logging into it and following the relevant links. This makes it much easier when requesting a particular day off, especially as all requests will be made electronically and in writing. Another benefit of using the this website is that staff can trade their shifts with other colleagues.

For example, if a member of staff is unable to work on a particular day, they will be able to “swap” their shift with another member of staff who is willing to work those same hours. It makes it much easier to exchange important information and to communicate with members of staff across the Disney network.

Staff who use the Hub will also be able to view any discounts that they are eligible for!

The portal is a valuable resource for many staff, and provides all relevant information in one place, freeing up the time it would normally take for employees to ask their superiors about the same information. The information on it is written in clear and concise language, and the site is easy to navigate around, with various navigation tools that will take you from one part of the site to another.

This website also enables staff with the opportunity to enroll in an online course which can further progress their career, or provide them with additional tips and techniques for their current job role. A similar practice that is used by other entertainment companies like AMC and their WorkBrain portal.

Common Disney Staff Usages

  • Disney staff will be able to apply for online training and check information relevant to their job role from the comfort of their own home at a time that best suits them.
  • Online staff in general can save a company like Disney a lot of time and money, and offer employees an interactive experience where ever they are in the world.
  • Staff at all skill levels can benefit from using the portal as they can get employee discounts and other travel perks.
  • Employers use it regularly to communicate important announcements with staff quickly and efficiently.

disney enterprise portal companyThese points are extremely beneficial in a large company with thousands of employees like The Walt Disney Company. Employees will often be encouraged to check the site on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information that pertains to the company. Accessing and signing in is straight-forward and easy for Disney employees, and will enable them to communicate with different departments in the business.

How to Access the Disney Login Page

You can either go to www.thehub.disney.wdw or enterpriseportal.disney.com and log in with your credentials. You will need a User ID and Password in order to access the Disney enterprise portal which will be provided to you when at registration. People who do not work for Disney are forbidden from using the service. If you are having problems accessing the site, you will need to contact the Disney IT Support Center for further information.

The Walt Disney World (WDW) Involvement

The Disney Hub is also used by the Walt Disney World and related Parks employees. This is essential why they call it a centralized site, so that any one associated with the company will have one destination for all learning, training, benefits, communications and much much more. After all it was mean to be accessible to all of the employees and contractors. Additionally, corporate communications is responsible for maintaining the content on the portal, although contributions are made from different departments throughout the company.

And now, for the lack of a better explanation on what it is like to work at Disney, here is a funny, confessional, video:

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