E-Learning For Kids

E-Learning For Kids

E-Learning For Kids (EFK), is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching children real life skills, like counting money and telling time, as well as the traditional problematic subjects like math and science.

With the aid of thousands of volunteers, including specialized help from e-learning focused vendors, like Aptarra, EFK has been able to amass one of the largest collection of courseware for kids that is professionally done, educational, fun, and completely free.

For Kids By [Big] Kids with Disney Characters

The courses are designed as friendly games in different settings. Some in mystical fantasy worlds with magicians performing magical spells, and others with talking animals in cool carnivals going on a fun adventure.

Many companies even license Disney characters for their courses as it seems more relatable to children. The Hub uses the same characters in their Disney enterprise portal but that’s because its the corporate image.

Regardless of the characters used or the backgrounds they are set in, the objections of all the games are only for one thing, and that is to teach its audience, the children, a real lesson. The lessons could range from subtraction and additions or simply telling time, to life skills, like how to deal with stress and emotions or choosing a career.

Online Learning For All Kids

e-learning-for-kidsWhat’s more, since it is online and a freely available site, any one from any country around the world can benefit from these educational kids games courses as long as they have an internet connection. Since most of the games are universal and everyday more and more remote and resource limited locations in the world are getting connected to the internet, the usage of these education games for kids courses will only expand  further and further.

As much as the courses are designed by professional instructional designers with commercial grade authoring tools, the courses should be seen and used as complementary courses and not a replacement to the kids education.

Both parents and teachers can use the interactive courses at www.e-learningforkids.org (EFK) as a tool to help them teach and educate their children and students at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home.

Gamification Within a Game


A screen capture from the Keyboarding Skills learning game.

To give you an example of a type of game that would be hard to categorize in school and also not something a parent can teach in a conversation or a book, just take a look at their kids typing and keyboarding course available for free online.

In it you are visited by a purple space alien that lets you board its space craft and use the different stations as skill development activities to learn typing and keyboarding. Each workshop you complete awards you points and medals, motivating you to continue to the next station.

This is a perfect example of gamification implementation at the highest (and funnest) level.

Kid Mode

Kid Mode doesn’t mean you become a kid by playing these learning games, even though that’s exactly what happened when I started playing these games for… ahem… research purposes.

Zoodles, the company behind the Kids Mode App, partnered with E-Learning For Kids and other kids only online content creators and put them all under one safe interactive software. Once installed and enabled on your Smart Phone or PC, your children can’t access any other site or application other than the ones within Zoodles, and even those software can be filtered further by you.

So if you have kids and want to helped them learn faster and in a safe environment (how many of us had issues with our login credentials) then this might be the right solution for you.