Five Guys University - Burgers & Menu Training Online

Five Guys® University – Burgers & Menu Training Online Review

The brand has perfected its employee training activities by administering them through a corporate portal called the Five Guys® University. Some think it might be a reach to call it a University, but I think it is justified. If you want your training to be taken seriously then you ought to name the program appropriately.

Five Guys® Burgers is a fast food chain that started in 1986 and currently has 1,100 stores in over 47 US states, 4 Canadian provinces and London. The chain employs more than 21,000 employees and training them would be a daunting task without a Learning Management System (LMS).

Learn More Than Burgers & Fries

five guys universityIt is a web portal powered by Saba, a company that pioneered LMS about fifteen years ago. The platform takes a “keep it simple” approach and trains employees through videos, quizzes. Employees are also assigned real-life training tasks, completion of which can be recorded in the system by the manager. Each employee has to take 11 courses, each of which is available in 3 languages.

The system administers certification course to employees and 2 blended learning courses to the managers. According to one of their project managers, 90% of the system’s 27,000 users are 100% trained. Employee courses include subjects like food preparation, food safety, cash register training, customer service, and company philosophy. The web based training system recommends using Windows-based computers, Internet Explorer as the web browser, and a fast Internet connection for streaming videos.

Employee Training: Before and After LMS

Store location in Los Angeles, CA.

Store location in Los Angeles, CA.

If a manager at Five Guys® Burgers & Fries from before the LMS was established were to visit it now, he’d be astonished at how organized the company’s employee management system has become. Before setting up this online training portal, the company trained its employees through DVDs and each manager had to physically travel to Virginia to complete training. The guidelines existed as bulky documents that were inconsistent and hard to follow.

Following the implementation of their training portal, store managers can add employees in the system. The employees can then take courses in their preferred language. Store managers and district managers can check training progress for individual employees as well as the whole store.

Five Key Benefits of Using the University

The 5 Guys University (5GU) gives franchisee owners a great return on investment. It has helped Five Guys® Hamburgers earn a Zagat Survey rating every year since 2001.

The Benefits Identified by Saba

Nothing like a good burger to satisfy a guy, even if it is the President Obama.

Nothing like a good burger to satisfy a guy, even if it is the President Obama.

  • The LMS allows uniform and updated training of all 21,000 employees that is in line with Five Guy’s company philosophy and business needs.
  • The online training is cost-effective and comprehensive, covering all subjects vital to employee education. Once deployed, the system has minimal operational costs which are further minimized by the fact that it uses cloud technology that cuts out the cost of maintaining servers.
  • Progress tracking allows managers to attain at least 86% learning completion for all employees.
  • Uses cloud technology to minimize the investment in technology needed for the LMS.
  • Simplifies operations at regional, district, and store level.

Track Training Progress Easily

The purpose of an LMS is not met until it can provide quantifiable results to track the progress of corporate training activities at employee level as well as industry level, a concept perfected by the biggest burger chain in the world, McDonalds. Managers can log in the system to see how far their employees are in completing their training. It shows training progress of an employee as a percentage value and managers are directed to achieve 86% training completion levels for every employee. Managers (and not just the “5 Guys”) can also check the training progress of the entire store by running a store progress report with a simple click.

Menu training including trying out the hamburgers and the delicious rough cut fries!

Menu training including trying out the hamburgers and the delicious rough cut fries!

District operators as well as franchisee owners can sign up for the system as “managers” and automatically receive training progress reports.

Simple User Interface

This learning portal uses a simplified user interface (one that I think looks even better than the portal by Burger King for its staff and crew). Employees can login from the home page at and view their courses, study the menu and check their certifications. They can watch training videos that the LMS loads at bit-rates calculated to support slower Internet connections. Managers have a clutter-free user interface that allows them to perform the ten functions listed below:

Simple menu design doesn't mean its easy to choose. ;-)

Simple menu design doesn’t mean its easy to choose. ;-)

  1. Add new employees
  2. Specify employee attributes like language, multiple employment locations
  3. Reset passwords
  4. Separate employees
  5. Transfer employees
  6. Run store-level completion reports
  7. Generate district manager reports
  8. Subscribe to reports
  9. Check off hands-on training in the system
  10. Add Missing Courses

This popular burger chain grew rapidly around 2001, going from just 5 locations to more than a thousand. With more than 21,000 employees, employee training was a challenge that the Five Guys® University training program has successfully solved. The company’s strong employee training coupled with its recent spurt of growth, makes it an attractive franchisee option.

If you are not sure about the login process, please watch the video below for a brief overview:



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