Jiffy Lube® University Online Training Program

Jiffy Lube® University Online Training Program

The Jiffy Lube® University online training program is run on the SumTotal learning management system (LMS) and is the main online training center for all Jiffy Lube® employees, staff, franchisees and franchise employees.

The training program is setup in a blended learning environment where there are a combination of both rigorous e-learning courses, using the Jiffy Lube® University computer based training portal, and on-site supervised instructor led classes.

This extensive training curriculum will cover a range of subjects such as management training, automotive technician training certification, as well as customer service courses related to the Jiffy Lube® franchise.

This allows for a more comprehensive and ubiquitous training program that would be available  for all staff members online, simplifying the availability and accessibility of the Jiffy Lube® training program and thus increasing the overall success of the organization as a whole.

Jiffy Lube® takes its training curriculum very seriously, so any feedback from you will be heard and will reach all the way to senior management.

Since the JLU is the brain child of  the top brass managers, working on keeping it a successful program is important not only to them but to everyone within the training and executive department to keep the program meet company goals.

Get Your ASE Certification In a Jiffy

One of the biggest advantages for you is the fact that the Jiffy Lube® University training program is the only accredited program awarded by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This allows you to receive your ASE training and get your ASE certification courtesy of the Jiffy Lube® training program.

However, you need to put in the time and effort to get certified, I can’t emphasize this enough. Take advantage of your employment with Jiffy Lube® and take as many of the courses they offer regardless if it pertains to your job description or not.

This includes the other non-technical courses as well.  They are all well worth taking as each lesson learned and course passed are very valuable since you don’t know where you will be employed in the future.

Being well trained does not only showcase your knowledge and skills but also shows that you are willing to learn regardless of the work you get hired to do.

This alone is one of the most important aspects when a new employer is looking to hire you, since every company has their own training program or a Corporate University (a good example of this is the University of Subway).

Additionally, different corporations also have different standards and work protocols and they want to know the person they hire can and is willing to learn how things are done their way.

Even if down the line you are thinking of branching out as an entrepreneur with your own automotive service shop, having the know how of a well oiled machine like Jiffy Lube® (pun intended) will come to good use.

Jiffy Lube UniversityGet College Credit at Jiffy Lube® University

The education you get as a Jiffy Lube® technician is one of the few corporate training programs that is recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) as college level material.

This means you receive college credit that you can later on transfer to a local accredited college to continue your education is any field you are interested.

This puts Jiffy Lube’s training program  at a level on par with the likes of multi-national corporations like Starbucks and McDonald’s education programs.  This recognition is very seldom awarded.

To gain access to your computer based training and start your education, use your Jiffy Lube® University login credentials and sign in to the JLU online portal.

Just keep in mind that as a store manager or a Jiffy Lube® franchise non-store employee you will have to use your POSNet ID as the username and include your local store number when you log in.

Jiffy Lube® is a registered trademark of Jiffy Lube International, Inc. This page is for information only and we are in no way affiliated with their organization. That being said, we recommend you do your best in any job you take on and do all the training necessary to ace it.