Klein LMS

Klein LMS

Klein LMS is the e-learning portal for the Klein Independent School District, also known as the Klein ISD. It uses the ANGEL LMS software by Blackboard to power klein forest, klein collins, klein high, and klein oak high schools among others.

So if your children go to any of the schools within Klein school district, then their Klein ISD LMS will look very familiar to you as it is used by all the schools within their district.

This is actually a great benefit both for the parents and the students as you won’t have to learn a new software learning portal with each school your kid is going through. And the same goes for the students.

I remember when my daughter went to high school, the online learning management system was the main way we were able to track her progress and keep up to date with her scores.

Klein ISD

Many times we even found out the teacher lost or forgot to submit her homework when we know she did them (we were there helping here until 2am!). It also helped her see her scores in “real” time instead of the usual progress reports that came in every two months. This pushed her to do better in school and keep her grades up.

If I were you I would make a habit of logging in to the Klein LMS portal on a weekly basis and go over the assignments, quizzes, and other records with your children to keep on top of their education.

You can always remind them that the last thing they want to do is to fail in school and end up training their school LMS login to McDonald’s LMS login. not that working at mcdonalds is bad its just that we all want our children to strive higher and really maximize their potential.

To access the klein isd lms directly please go to: https://lms.kleinisd.net/default.asp