Leadership Development Program by Global Leaders Academy

Leadership Development Program by Global Leaders Academy

Leadership Development Programs are leading the way for corporate training initiatives around the world. And none is as prominent as Global’s educational efforts in this field.

Being one of the largest and most successful professional service networks in the world, it’s perhaps important that Global Leaders Academy (GLA) have some of the best coaches in the world too as their lead instructors. And this is exactly what they’re trying to achieve with their leadership training course.

Established in 2008 for use by their own staff as well as clients, the Academy is focussed on providing the best possible corporate training, ensuring employees can develop and flourish into business leaders.

And frankly they’re doing a great job of it.

Why the program is such a success

Step it up. Walk the ladder, don't climb it.

Step it up. Walk the ladder, don’t climb it.

Quite simply it works, because it hits all the right notes about what’s important to the learning process. Importantly it is centred on its goal of nurturing excellent executives and employees, which underpins everything about the academy.

So first and foremost, it has a training vision, which is vital to good corporate training practices. With a clear and defined learning outcome at the centre of the programme, it makes it clear to the learner what they are aiming to achieve from tasks, what they can expect to learn, and also makes it obvious why they are engaging in the training in the first place.

And this leads onto arguably the biggest success of the academy; engagement. With an ever increasing user base and a very high rate of returning users, GLA have managed to develop a leadership development program whereby the learners are interested and excited about their training programmes.

How? How to develop leadership skills, you ask?

Well, mainly through excellent content, and even better implementation of it.

The right kind of courses

Physical training is just one aspect of being a good leader.

Physical training is just one aspect of being a good leader.

Content is king, and that is a lesson GLA have taken on board. Their Leadership Academy offers users a varied approach to training, putting them in control of their learning. It also gives them a wide selection of types of content to learn from, and this is in thanks to the online course delivery method via learning management programs.

By being able to access content anytime anywhere, be it through the mobile app or on a desktop, learning is at the users’ convenience. This also allows GLA to use numerous methods of teaching. These include leadership courses to help explain concepts, webinars (online seminars) and quizzes. All of which are helping to keep delivery fresh for users, and to help engage them through variation.

Importantly the information delivered through these methods is of the highest quality. GLA draws upon their own bank of experts, as well as contributions from such giants as Harvard Business School, to inform the lessons and learning content. This is apparent in the quality of the end product and is a big reason that keeps users coming back.

But even in spite of this prestigious backing, it’s not the biggest reason for keeping learners coming back for more. No, that reason would be exceptional use of Gamification.

The impact of Gamification

Learn a list of new skills.

Learn a list of new skills.

What’s really driving the success of the Academy is the excellent implementation of Gamification. The growing phenomenon is cropping up everywhere and really is taking off in a big way, and GLA have been more than aware of that.  They’ve been able to harness Gamification to a great degree of success by really embracing its benefits. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by hackers and educators in cyber training programs.

A brilliant contributing factor to the success of the Academy is how Gamification motivates GLA’s students, encouraging them to further their learning. The Global Leadership Academy’s leaders program implements high scores and leader boards, which in turn adds an element of competition into the equation. So now their program users can strive to best one another at their learning exploits. The real success with this though, is how it is uniquely tailored to individuals.

Often times leader boards can be focussed on those elite few at the top, which can feel intimidating and wholly impossible to ever beat. The academy, like many others, has individual leader boards, pitting users against their closest competitors, allowing them to have realistic goals and targets that they feel they can beat. So it’s not just the competition that drives them, it’s knowing they too can win. This is a brilliant way to keep users engaged.

And if they don’t win this week? Oh well, there’s always next week, as certain leader boards are reset.  Again another great tool to engage users and push them further in obtaining their new and developing leadership skills. Those at the top will strive to get back ‘where they belong’ and those that have struggled have a fresh start to try again.  But if this kind of rivalry isn’t appealing, there is the appeal of self-progression. Through use of rewards and achievements, those that are less interested in besting a colleague can simply hope to better themselves.

Its brilliant design like this that is meaning GLA are seeing a 47% increase in returning user rates on a daily basis.

What others can learn from Global

GLA - Glabal Leaders AcademyLet’s face it though, GLA are sitting on some serious money and have an extensive network. They can afford to invest in such grand schemes as their Leadership Academy, and that’s not a privilege all businesses can share in. But the principles behind their success can be shared by all.

Fundamentally they recognise that an investment in people is in an investment in good business. Employees are the biggest asset to any corporation, so if a business, big or small, is considering some staff development and training: more than likely it’ll be worth the cost trade off.

The other aspect that they get right is making the training worthwhile. It can be a big problem when it comes to corporate training, content that falls short or fails to engage. But what can be seen really clearly over at Global is the emphasis on good content. In fact it’s really quite paramount to the whole experience.

Considering this, it’s important to then ask the following questions:

  • Why are we about to conduct this training?
  • What is the intended learning outcome?
  • What is the best mode of training to get this done?

You don’t need Harvard Business School backing you up, you just need content that achieves the learning outcomes, and is clearly of value to your employees.

And finally most importantly, it’s about making your training fun and engaging. Consider their use of Gamification. The cornerstone of the success of their programmes, through effective use they are able to give learners a reason to want to engage with the training. Above all else though it keeps the training enjoyable and interesting, resulting in good end user satisfaction.

Through companies such as Badgeville, businesses are able to hire services to ‘gamifiy’ their training. But if this isn’t an option the key lesson here is to ensure that training is meaningful and presented in an engaging and fun way, in order to aid the learning process and to truly perfect their executive leadership development program.