LPL Financial Login

LPL Financial Login

LPL Financial Login credentials should be kept private and if written down on a piece of paper then it should be kept secure as it is the only way you can access your account view portal and review your investments and balances for your many investment holdings. Banks and investment Banks are one of the most common corporations for online predators to target.

I have seen it many times, that an email will be sent with the logo and general text in the body of the message that encourages you to click a link to fake website that would look similar to the one for LPL Financial client portal. Healthcare companies are also vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Never login to your account through a link like that. Always type the bank web address in the address bar and click the LPL login link (some times you have to look hard for it). Once there you can bookmark to cut on the extra steps and go directly to your LPL Financial account login page.

Once you are done viewing your accounts and making any changes to it, always click the logout button. The last thing you want is while you are at a coffee shop like dunkin donuts for someone to walk past your laptop and have access to all your information while you stepped out for a minute or two.

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A great way to use the LPL Financial account view page is as a confirmation tactic after you talked to your financial advisors at LPL to make sure all the changes and new plans you discussed were actually implemented. And if they were not or are taking to long to get it done, you can follow up and demand with conviction that your needs are not being met.

You can access the LPL Financial Login portal page at this URL: