Marriott® Global Source Extranet Portal For Employees & Franchisees Review

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As a top player in the hospitality industry, Marriott® needs well-trained staff. Guests expect it. With the help of the Marriott® Global Source (MGS) Extranet, employees also know that organizations that offer resources to train and grow on the job will help them develop into leaders of tomorrow.

And when it comes to their associates and franchisees, they know that if they are given the resources to grow they will, in turn, be better able to take care of their customers around the world.

The Marriott® MGS was set up keeping their employees, franchisees and associates in mind. It is designed to offer you continuing training so that you can develop your skills, achieve your ambitions, scale up the corporate ladder, and keep up with the exciting innovations and changes in the hospitality industry.

We firmly believe that if you are satisfied with your job, then so will their guests be.

This point of view ties in well with their core philosophy. They have always been known to put people first, to embrace change and seek excellence in everything they do. The training they make available to the members of their vast family are chosen keeping in mind their heritage. The corporate programs they offer you will help you exceed expectations in every aspect of the services you provide.

What You Can Expect From The Extranet

The Marriott® Extranet Portal is a gateway they have created for you, giving you access to a variety of hospitality learning resources. These resources include digital material, training modules and courses. All the programs, courses and resources that you’ll be able to use conform to the best practices in the hotel industry and to their core values at Marriott®.

  • We make the best online education and certification programs in hospitality available for all levels of employees, whether at the hospitality management level or for line level staff. The following are only a few of the growths you can expect from the portal.
  • Department trainer certifications offer training on communication and improved practical skills, such as CPR Instructions from the American Red Cross.
  • Those seeking growth as security supervisors can sharpen their HR and emergency management skills as well as develop practical skills and sound judgment.
  • Hospitality supervisor certifications can offer development in time management, leadership and communication skills.
  • Hospitality sales professionals can learn and update effective revenue management and marketing skills.
  • Revenue managers will benefit from management expertise as well as practical forecasting techniques.
  • Executives in the Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Facilities departments can seek prestigious certifications as department heads.
  • General Managers and hospitality executives can seek certification in Hotel Administration as proof of their high levels of expertise, experience and dedication.
A career at Marriott is well worth the effort.

A career at Marriott® international is well worth the effort.

Programs also include learning centered around their areas of corporate responsibility. Their belief that the way they do business is as important as the business they do translates into the responsibility they take for their environment and the communities they do business in. They encourage you as their associates and franchisees to integrate a similar responsible hotel management, ethical behavior and community engagement into your work ethics. You can find out more about how you can do so in the digital material and training programs available on their enterprise portal.

How To Access The MSG Homepage

You can access the Marriott® Extranet homepage through the URL. To enter, select your profile from a drop down menu. It allows access to their Canadian Associates or Franchisees, North American Associates, Franchisees or Owners, International Associates, Franchisees, GRSCC Associates, Vendors, Ritz Carlton personnel, Separated Employees and Consultants or Contractors.

Selecting a profile will take you to a login screen where you are required to enter the Enterprise ID (EID) and password. You can also use your security key (linked to an EID) to sign in to the portal. There is help available for users that have forgotten their EIDs.

Benefits Of Using The Portal

It’s not new knowledge that employees and franchisees, in every service industry, can benefit from continuing education. While the hospitality industry has typically always employed an old-fashioned approach to human resource management, they think it’s time to make a change.

The new innovations, constantly changing landscapes, shifting trends and changing expectations of guests in the hospitality industry mean that they must always strive to be aware and ahead of the game.

As a staff member, you can keep pace, improve your knowledge, share your experiences with others and grow into new levels of efficiency and expertise if you have access to the best literature and programs. These will help you be exceptional in your field, and never complacent. Additionally,you are able to access all the HR services  with their 4MyHR Marriott® section.

It is the aim of the MGS Marriott® Global Source website to help you be exceptional, you will benefit from accessing it often.

To truly understand the importance of the above technology, education, and training, investments, you must watch the course videos provided by your employer.

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