McDonald's LMS - How Employees Access MCD's SabaNow

McDonald’s® LMS – How Employees Access MCD’s SabaNow

McDonalds® LMS uses the Saba learning management system platform (SabaNow) to connect its current employees and future new hires with the McDonalds® online training website, their main education and training portal, also known as AccessMCD. If that sounds familiar its because besides the McDonalds® computer training program, Saba’s LMS software is used by many of the top Fortune 500 companies including the U.S. military.

The process to gain access to the McDonalds® learning management system login page and sign in to the portal is exactly the same as your bank login. However, and as I have mentioned before, you should always keep your LMS login secure so no one uses your private information for malicious uses.

It’s common now to search for Access MCD lms login, which more often than not, is the easiest thing to do. Alternatively, you could just bookmark the site, which happens to be the recommended thing to do.

One thing that might be unique to McDonalds® is its ability for restaurant crew members to sign on using their Facebook, Google, or Microsoft live access credentials. This will help in both reducing the number of username and passwords to remember as well as reducing the need to login multiple times as the AccessMCD website will remember your single sign on information.

This is different if you are part of the restaurant management team, office staff, or corporate employees. If that is the case, you would need a separate McDonalds® ID.

Learning on the Job at McDonald’s®

McDonalds® e-learning portal offers a lot of online classes through its online training system, including food preparation, restaurant processes and practices, and menu support. Many of their instructors are directly hired from Marriott as they too have very strict standards and value that they pass on via the Marriott global source website.

Taking advantage of their program to better yourself and keep yourself up to date with their training materials will definitely help you get ahead and make an impression.

I can guarantee that they keep track of how often you access McDonalds® login site and how many classes you completed including the scores you got for each one of the courses.

McDonalds LMS

McDonald restaurant managers are generally promoted from the ranks of the restaurant staff employees. This is one of ways that keeps McDonalds ®unique and ahead of its competitors (i.e Subway and Dunkin Brands).

What’s more, many of you currently working as a McDonalds® employee are also college students, if you fall under this student/employee category you should look into the McDonalds® Scholarship program where every year students from each state are awarded a large sum of financial aid.

The McDonald’s® Hamburger University

Employees that show the right leadership skills and proper initiative to become managers will get noticed. That’s when you are selected to enter the Hamburger University which is located at many global locations throughout the world. And if you succeed in passing the training program only then you will be minted a manager. It has been noted that a new upstart in the burger & fries restaurant business named Five Guys Burgers. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of complement.”, this chain has established their own training portal to accommodate their own employees, it is aptly named Five Guys University.

The nice thing about the McDonald’s manager training curriculum, is that unlike other restaurant management training programs their’s is recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE). In fact you can earn up to 46 credit hours towered your associate or bachelors degree at any college. It might not be as cool as US Aiways travel perks offered through their Wings portal but it’s still very worth it.

So definitely take more interest in the classes that are available to you in the McDonalds® LMS training website and get ahead in your career and your life (it won’t hurt to take few first aid classed from the red cross training center).

Regardless, one of the main issues we hear is that there isn’t enough time to spend on the McDonalds® training videos when you are working, plus the internet WiFi connections at the stores are too slow to watch the videos properly.

Hamburger UniversityWe suggest you spend some of your free time at home to connect to the LMS training site and study as much as you can on your own. This is a great way to set yourself apart from others and really shine at work.

If you are truly pressed in time (like if you are also working at AMC WorkBrain and need to take their employee course too), there are effective online courses you can take to help you become a fast learner and reduce your studying time.

I know it helped me improve my memory and comprehension when studying so it might help you too with your McDonalds® manager training courses.

How To Access MCD LMS Website Directly

Typing or in your browser address bar is the easiest and fastest way to get to the McDonalds® Learning management system login page. This is very much so like the process for Burger King employees as they have to go through similar login steps with the BK Gateway employee portal.

It will redirect you automatically to the correct sign in page where you can then access MCD LMS website and continue with your online training.

At the end it really doesn’t matter how you get to the SabaNow McDonalds® LMS login page since each path will guide you to the correct McDonalds® training site eventually.

For a day in a life of a McDonald’s® Crew Member check out this video:

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