MyCAA Login Portal

MyCAA Login Portal

The MyCAA Login Portal uses a security certificate, that’s the https you see before the URL, that is not compatible with the Chrome or Firefox browser as of today.

When you first access the MyCAA homepage you will see an error regarding this issue. to continue to the site and you are using the Firefox browser then you would have to accept the certificate  by clicking the “I understand the risks” option and then add and accept the certificate. You will then be redirect to the site.

In Chrome it is much simpler. All you have to do is click the “proceed anyway” button and you will be redirect immediately to the site.

If you are using Internet Explorer then you will not have this error popped up. Internet Explorer has the security certificate built in and it is the most compatible browser to register and use for the MyCAA ai portal website.

The reason for the security precaution is because you are sharing sensitive information over the internet, and the last thing you want to do is have that information compromised and available publicly.

If you try to access the MyCAA website by typing in your browser’s address bar you will be taken to an auto insurance company website, this is why it is best to bookmark the main MyCAA login portal website so you won’t be delayed every time you want to access it.

Regardless of the military branch your spouse is serving in, be it the army, navy or other, the staring log in site is all the same.

So For your own quick reference here is the direct link