Navy E-Learning - A Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) Website

Navy E-Learning – A Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) Website

The Navy E-Learning website (NeL) uses the Atlas Pro LMS software as the underlying technology that handles the online delivery of all Navy training courses, their usage, and records management of the Navy personnel progress relating to the courses they take.

This is a well needed change from the SkillPort software it used in the past and which is currently being used by the Army E-Learning training program.

Every completed course, passed, failed or in progress, is recorded for your convenience, so you could re-print your certification, review past Navy courses taken, and in general help you keep track of your Navy online training education.

Navy E-Knowledge

The Navy distance learning delivery platform has gone through a few updates since its inception in 2001, but with each update the program gets better, faster, and more feature rich to encourage you to keep using the Navy Knowledge Online E-Learning portal and educating yourself with as many courses available through the Navy Knowledge Online website (NKO).

Some of the improvements that you might not notice off the bat, but will notice as you use the system more, is that the site in general is faster to search, much easier to navigate, and more flexible in customizing it to fit to your learning needs by way of widgets and other modern advancements in web technologies.

Additionally, the NKO login page and inside the actual portal will be more informative and useful as it will show scheduled notices, like planned outage, system alerts, and other immediate communication that might be necessary the the Navy Knowledge Online program.

Keep in mind that you will have to get a Navy CAC card, also known as Common Access Card, to access the NKO and NeL websites. You will not be able to login to the website otherwise. It is also highly recommended to bookmark the URL for a safe and direct access to the Navy LMS portal.

Navy Courses Online or Offline

Navy E-LearningBeing out in the Sea on a ship or in a submarine is no excuse, as they have an offline more where you can connect and continue to take courses or sign up for new one. it might not have all the courses available to list keep on getting bigger. Once you get internet connection again you will be able to sync your account and access new courses.

The Navy training courses you can take are not exclusive to the Navy. Even though they have many Navy and Military related courses for you to take, the majority of the skills development courses are in the category of leadership, management, and Information Technology (IT).

Completing these courses will give you an education that you can take and use outside of the Navy as some are even eligible for college credit at an accredited University. This is similar to other large corporation like Subway and Jiffy Lube University that provide college credit for some of their online courses. This benefit, plus the tuition assistance Navy provides for a college education, is a powerful combination that, if done right, will help you get a degree debt free.

A Navy Career

This doesn’t mean you have to retire to see the value in these Navy courses. There are may positions within the Navy or even the US Government that will require and could benefit from your continued education efforts in these fields. A perfect example is the Navy online training and education division.

There are many positions that need to be filled as that department is always growing since there are always more and more Navy personnel enlisting and signing up to use the Navy Knowledge Online website.

One such position is the Navy E-Learning website administrator that needs to be well trained on IT and other management and technology related subjects. A position that could always use more smart and knowledge hungry Navy personnel from within their ranks, if that is something you are interested in.