Oceaneering LMS - A Portal For Subsea Education

Oceaneering LMS – A Portal For Subsea Education

Oceaneering LMS implemented the LearnShare Learning Management System as the technology elearning portal to service all Oceaneering employees and provide them with the latest and education materials for their field of work. Both current employees and new hires are required to create a PeopleSoft Employee No. which will be used as the main login ID.

Dealing with offshore oilfield is a complex and highly specialized field of service that few can do, let alone as safely and expertly as Oceaneering is known to do. Let’s just say if you are working for Oceaneering, chances are you are not learning how to flip burgers like they do at the McDonald’s (even though they have an extensive e-learning program too).

A Well Funded LMS

OceaneeringThis is because they investment a lot of their working capital in choosing the right LMS software to make sure the training and education their employees get is at the cutting edge of their field of operation. After all when you are seen as the top in your line of work, you have a responsibility to live up to your expectations.

Working smart and safe is profitable for business since it saves the company tons of money. This has a double benefit. For one, you pay less in employee health and injury costs, and second, you will get sued less. And as your reputation increases as a safe oil servicing organization you will get more business and generate more revenue.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the equipment you will be trained on is very expensive (They are protected by Securitas personnel 24/7), this is why you will first be going through a simulation and not the actual rig. This is beneficial for both you and the company as it will give you time to learn the basics properly without the stress and dangers of a real word situations but all the benefits and education that comes when you are working inside one of these ROVs.

Be Diligent With Your Education

Oceaneering Inc.

Drilling for oil below the sea.

If I were you I would take these training classes seriously and visit the website frequently since the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself operating these advanced machines.

You will be dealing with hazardous material that will include:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Other Dangerous materials

And that combination, my friend, is as dangerous as it gets. Just take a look at their Subsea Field Development Hardware (SFDH) and you will understand what I mean.

Another personal advantage in keeping up to date with these learning materials is that if you ever decided to transfer to a competitor, you are already well educated, trained and very familiar with similar equipment. This will make you highly marketable in a very specialized industry.

To access Oceaneering LMS portal you can bookmark the following link: http://lms2.learnshare.com/authenticate/login.brand.aspx?Cid=86

Just remember that being an Oceaneering employee comes with great responsibility, not just great pay!

Have glimpse of what you can do under the sea if you have the right crew with the right equipment: