Online Safety Training for Servers: Our Favorite Food and Beverage Handling Web Course

Online Safety Training for Servers: Our Favorite Food and Beverage Handling Web Course

Online Safety Training for Servers Our Favorite Food and Beverage Handling Web Course

The proper handling of food and beverages in the service industry plays a huge role in the health and safety of the people being served in restaurants and diners. To protect customers and ensure the proper handling of food and beverages, most businesses require that their food service professionals are trained in food and beverage handling courses. Food and beverage handling courses provide servers with the proper information and training on how to prepare, sell, handle, and serve both food and beverages.

Safety training for servers is extremely important because they are responsible for the proper handling of food and drinks. A server must be able to identify minors when serving alcohol and must also be able to identify any intoxicated persons. In addition to this, a server must know how to deal with intoxicated people and what to do in situations when health and safety is at risk. When a server is serving food, they must also know how to correctly handle the food and serve it to customers.

Food and beverage handling certification varies with each state. Most states in America require certification or a license in order to sell or serve alcohol. In order to do this, a person is required to take some sort of alcohol or bartending training. To serve food, most employers also require some sort of training or certification to ensure that servers are properly trained to safely handle both food and alcohol.

How Do I Know If I Need Certification to Serve Food and Beverages?

Your state’s regulatory laws—as well as your employer's policies—will determine what type of certification or training you need for your job. Most states require some kind of certification and training for both food and beverage handling. This can include serving alcohol as well as serving and preparing food.

If you are unsure if you need certification for your state or employer, you can ask your employer or search online.

Our Favorite Food and Beverage Handling Web Course

There are many different food and beverage handling web courses available on the Internet.  One of the best and most accredited food and beverage handling web certification providers is Learn2Serve, which offers courses and certification for food safety, food handling, TABC, alcohol server/seller training, and more.

Learn2Serve offers the following types of certification for food and beverage handling:

  • TABC Certification: mobile-friendly, no time limit, official printable certificate upon completion
  • Learn2Serve Food Manager Certification: state-specific, online food safety training and certification nationwide
  • Learn2Serve Alcohol Seller Certification: nationwide alcohol seller server certification
  • Learn2Serve Food Handler: food handler training for individuals, a team, or a company. Food handler card compliant
Online Safety Training for Servers

Training materials will vary depending on the state you are in. It is recommended that you first become familiar with your local regulatory requirements before taking a course to ensure that the course meets the requirements of your state.

Learn2Serve also offers:

  • Food allergen training​​​​
  • Food protection manager certification
  • HACCP training
  • Underground storage tank training

Learn2Serve is one of the lead training providers in the United States. It offers web-based training solutions with online certification training courses accredited by the government. Learn2Serve offers courses for the hospitality industry which include: hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, bars, grocery stores, and more.

Learn2Serve is the nation’s leader in online training for alcohol selling and serving and food safety manager certification and is our top choice in food and beverage handling. Learn2Serve is trusted and reliable and boasts accredited online certification training courses strictly for those working in the food and beverage industry. As a great alternative to traditional classrooms, Learn2Serve provides quality training with interactive courses that are self-paced and informative.

The Importance of Food and Beverage Handling Safety

Food and beverage handling courses take servers through the fundamentals of food safety, food handling, and serving alcohol. It teaches people how to properly identify minors and intoxicated persons as well as how to prepare, store, and serve food. It can help prevent foodborne illness and identify what causes it while creating a safer and healthier work environment for both employees and patrons.

Handling food is just as important as preparing it and storing it. It is crucial to the success of a business. This unsanitary handling can lead to foodborne illness and food contamination.

According to, roughly 10 percent of the entire workforce in America is employed in the food and beverage service industry, where they prepare and serve food and beverages to consumers. This is a huge number!

This is why it is extremely important that food and beverage establishments have fully trained professionals who are trained in food and beverage handling. It is also extremely important that these professionals are trained in preventing health hazards related to food and beverages.

Learn2Serve offers comprehensive courses to those in the food and beverage industry.  If you need to complete your certification and are searching for a food and beverage handling course that will teach you all about properly handling food and beverages, Learn2Serve should be your top choice. As the leading online web resource in restaurant and food service education, Learn2Serve has multiple different courses you can choose from.

Learn2Serve will guide you through food safety principles and standards in your state. In addition to this, Learn2Serve teaches alcohol safety practices which can help you get the certification required to serve or sell alcohol in your state.

With years of experience and accreditation in web-based training solutions, Learn2Serve offers courses and materials that can teach food and beverage professionals how to handle and identify food sanitation risks as well as the risks that are associated with serving alcohol. Learn2Serve also has great materials, expert food safety educators, and very flexible options for completing courses.

Learn2Serve is recognized and respected in the food service industry as a leader in education. Complete your online food and beverage handling training today with the flexible, interactive, and self-paced Learn2Serve.