Saba LMS - A Favorite Among Corporations

Saba LMS – A Favorite Among Corporations

Saba LMS is at the top of the LMS spectrum as far as the Fortune 500 is concerned.

In fact, it doesn’t get any more advanced and feature rich as this platform. In the past there were complaints that they were behind times and the user interface was too complex and difficult to navigate compared to other learning management systems, but all of that has been corrected and today they command a leading share of the LMS portals out there.

From international corporations like McDonald’s and the Red cross to one of the most advanced government agencies, the Army.

Unfortunately they have too many product offerings and it gets a little complicated and intimidating to choose one that fits your needs and properly launch your company’s Saba learning center. You feel like you will lose on an important feature if you choose say the Saba Social Learning versus the other Saba products in their vast lineup.

The Good news is that they have been working hard to consolidate and focus on their product lines a bit to better target the different needs and sectors out there without a completely new LMS training (no matter what you will only have one Saba login).

An Overview Review

Its not an easy task to do a Saba LMS review with all the product choices available from them, but considering many of the changes in the core products have trickled down to the core components of their software solutions, you can definitely see an overall improvement in their user interface. Simple and intuitive navigation, as well as a robust system performance without errors that can make you pull your hair out!

saba lmsTo put it in a nut shell, Saba is to corporations as Sakai is to Universities. And it goes without saying that they too are Scorm and Tin Can compliant.

Saba learning management system has plenty of options for any organization size and their varied needs. The main product solutions are Saba Learning, Performance, Planning, Collaboration and Succession @ Work.

It’s the last one, Succession@Work, that I would like to point out as a very innovative solution since it is not a common product that is available in the market.

It allows the top brass (depending of course the level of “brass” that you are at) to keep track of the best performing employees, managers, and such, with detail progressions and notes throughout the history of the worker in the company.

This can be anywhere from bottom of the rank mail room worker, moving up from one department to another and with each move he gets only high praise and grades from his annual performance reviews that the company can’t help but notice the quality of a worker that have in their midst.

In Cloud Saba

So if you are considering Saba to be your learning management system, definitely sign up for a demo and even a webinar with the Saba LMS training team to get a better idea of the software before you commit to changing your organization’s online e-learning software needs and become a Saba learning center.

And as far as pricing goes, that is something you need to talk to an account manager since each company will need a different solution and with each solution comes different Saba LMS pricing.

Note: Please don’t confuse Saba Software with Saba University they are two very different organizations. The later is an actual University of Medicine!