Securitas LMS - The Online Academy Training Portal

Securitas LMS – The Online Academy Training Portal

Securitas LMS is the learning portal for all Securitas employees throughout the world. Accessing your Securitas training is a requirement during your onboarding period as it will bring you up to speed with the skills and knowledge necessary to work at this world renowned security company.

It is imperative and very essential to continue accessing the portal so that you will stay current with company news,  new monitoring software, as well as other security guard related events.

You can log in to the Securitas learning management system portal the same way you access any other login portal. Just make sure to safeguard your credential and do not share it as that is a security breach in of itself. Something you will surely learn as part of your Securitas training curriculum.

Benefits & Usage

The site, which is also known as the Securitas Online Academy, is used as a one stop shop to get all your Securitas online training courses completed, and then tracked and managed by your manager. It also helps keep you compliant with all the security guard need that are necessary for the job you were hired for. In every state, city, and in many companies that you will be assigned to, might have different sets of requirements, especially if you were assigned to an international successfactors software

The Securitas portal will be very helpful for you and so you should take advantage of it and login to it often. In fact, if I were you, I would take as many courses as you are allowed to take. This will make you more marketable and will look very favorably on your profile for other job prospects you might be interest it.

SAP Technology

It uses SAP’s SuccessFactors learning management system software to help its security guard and other employees get trained and educated online. SAP is a big conglomerate with experience in many business software and it is one of the most respected names in the industry. So rest assured your data is protected and all your learning materials will be available when you need them.

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Gated facility protected by Securitas.

Protect Access Online

Even though the Securitas LMS portal is an online based training site and can be accessed from anywhere, you need specific permission to do so. You should check with your manager if you are allowed to access it remotely, otherwise you need to be clocked in during your normal shift hours either at a Securitas client, branch offices, or designated training center.

This is very important point. The last thing you want to do is break the terms of agreement with your employer and end being a Securitas employee!

You can access the Securitas online academy directly by going to:

The Securitas security company is a one of the biggest names in security services. This will help your career as a security guard tremendously (however, a career in cyber security is a different story all together), both if you stay with them or for future employment with another guard service provider, since everyone knows the quality of securitas services.