SkillPort Army E-Learning - Free Training & Education Programs

SkillPort Army E-Learning – Free Training & Education Programs

The SkillPort Army e-learning portal, is a free, as in no cost whatsoevertraining and education program specifically created for Army personnel.

Many confuse the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) training program with the Army E-Learning SkillSoft education portal. They are two completely separate programs and require separate registration to access.

The ALMS courses are geared towards Army related skills and training such as U.S. ARMY THREAT AWARENESS AND REPORTING course while the Army e-learning courses target more general business and technology education like Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks.

Credits and Points – An Added Benefit

There are thousands of courses on a varied list of subjects, including technical training materials and business skill education.

Some courses are eligible by the American Council on Education (ACE) for college credits (49 courses to be exact), while other are for specific certification from Fortune 500 corporations like, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and others. Just make sure the credits are reflected on your transcript so you won’t have any issues once you decide to enroll in a University and transfer your credits.

Similar to the Army correspondence courses on the ALMS website, all courses are eligible for promotion points since they are calculated based on the number of training hours assigned to each course. For you to received the points you would have to complete the course and make sure it is received by the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). You will receive 1 promotion point for each 5 hours of training.

Army reservists also get the benefit of accumulating 1 retirement point for each 3 hours of training.

Even though the skills and education you get from the SkillPort Army E-Learning portal should be more than sufficient to justify the time and effort you put in for each course, it is nice to have the above added perks as an additional incentive to complete and pass the courses.

Anywhere Access – Online or Offline

If you are worried that you will be limited to use the US Army SkillPort portal to your home computer, then do not concern yourself with that. Since SkillPort is an online learning platform, you can access it from anywhere you have internet connection.skillport army e-learning

The SkillPort e-learning Army portal has the added benefit of having an off-line utility that you can use to download your curriculum courses and continue with your studies even if you do not have internet connection. However, you would still need to enter your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) ID and Army elearning password, just like you would if you were accessing it online.

Once you have internet connection again you will be able sync your progress using the SkillSoft Content Manager software without losing your place in the course.

Choosing Your Courses

This is very much a personal choice. There are several main categories to choose from, and each category is broken down into different curriculum, like the Marketing Curriculum under the main Business Skills Curricula or specific software you can become certified in, like VMware under the IT Professional Skills Curricula.

Which ever skill you wish to acquire it is recommended to start and finish the courses in the order they are listed for each curriculum.  However, you are more than welcome to cherry pick your classes and even retake previous classes just in case you need a refresher course or in case you did not pass the test the first time you took it.

The list of courses change regularly, to see the complete list of courses, checkout the Army e-learning catalog under My Education at

The SkillPort Army Platform

If you are new to the Army online learning program and in need of some SkillPort training to get started, there is link to a help desk page right at the login page on the right hand side.

Similar used by the Dunkin Brands SkillPort portal, the SkillPort Army portal uses one of the best e-learning platforms in the online learning content delivery category. So rest assured that any new technology that will be available in the future would be integrated into the latest updates so you would be using the most current software in online learning.

A perfect example of this is the online mentoring feature that you can use anytime you have questions regarding any of the IT curriculum, such as the Microsoft Server and Cisco Networking. Simply click the Ask My Mentor button and a course expert will pop up in a chat box for you to get help from.

Now all you have to do is login to your LMS and start learning.