Top Training Tracking Software Benefits & Providers

Top Training Tracking Software Benefits & Providers

Regardless of the industry you are in a training tracking software, also known as training management software, can help your organization in many ways but most importantly, as far as dollars and sense goes, it can keep track of all the training investment, time, and money, you put into your people year after year. If you are questions how much that adds up to, just use the turnover calculator in the sidebar.

A great example of this is the University of Subway online training program, which is used by both employees and franchise partners, and McDonald’s LMS portal, which is the main training site crew members use to access their training material as well as the website store managers use to attend online courses, and new standards and procedures they need to follow and implement within their store.

Its Purpose and Benefits

Whether its for new hires, relocation, or promotion seeking personnel, you can use this type of software to keep track of everything they learned or will learn while under your management. Including safety training, compliance, continued education classes, or new skills for advancement into better position within the company.

More specifically, you will be able to create with ease, training programs and curriculums, schedule the courses and assign quizzes and tests. Record and track their scores, license, and certification, and attendance. Which will give you a more accurate view of their qualifications for either what they are currently working as or what they are requesting advancement in. As well as reports and filters for analysis.

Training Management Software

Learn to track your employees professional development skills.

They will have an LMS portal that they will be able to use and log in to remotely and within the organization, something you can configure and control depending on your company’s security policy.

I know many use Microsoft Excel to track and manage all the training and activities invested into your employees, but if you have started to research on this subject it means its time for an upgrade.

Below I compiled a list of the Top companies in this field but if you have experience in any other please write me at the comments below.

Top Training Tracking Companies

  • Training Tracker Software
  • Micromango Software
  • Kaizen Software
  • Smart Company Software
  • ERA Environmental Consulting
  • KnowledgeWare Communications
  • Conductor Orchestrating Training

Most of these training tracking software tools meet many of the federal and industry specific certification requirements. Including the FDA, FAA, ISO 9000, and Sarbanes Oxley compliance. This is becoming mandatory for regulators to keep firms on the up and up with their rank and file operations for better accountability during the times they will be audited, or when issues arise and they will be scrutinized.

For more information on the ever changing landscape of regulation please visit the FDA website and the FCC.

Regardless of your choice of software you go with to manage and track the training in your company, it is important to first demo and try a few. Spend some time on each tool to make sure it has what you need, easy to use, and is priced right.