UF eLearning - University of Florida's Online Uses Sakai

UF eLearning – University of Florida’s Online Uses Sakai

UF eLearning is University of Florida’s online portal support and resource center for both students and faculty that attend and work at the university. Definitely a site worth bookmarking as it is constantly updated with relevant announcements, teaching tools, and links to other internet based sites within the university’s campus.

The site is run on the popular Sakai learning management system, which makes sense since Sakai is built and supported by a consortium of universities so they know the needs and features these types of educational institutions would need.

This includes Research tools, teaching tools, and student management tools to complement every campus that uses their software. We have highlight this software extensively so we won’t go into too much detail as to the benefits it lends the schools that use this technology, suffice to say, Florida is in good hands.

Tools and Resources

UF entrance.

Main School entrance.

This is also the portal where students can login and access all of their online classes, grades, homework assignments, participate in interactive discussions and even register for the online classes at UF.

The site also offers two important anti-plagiarism tools, one is Turnitin and the other is iThenticate (which is also by Turnitin), both faculty and students can and should use these tool to check their work and make sure it is not lifted from some one else. That is not acceptable.

Another benefit that the e-learning University of Florida online website provides is a survey software tool named Qualtrics which you can use to survey and collect data for any application you can think of, provided you have your Gatorlink login info.

Online Tutorials For All Gators

I would like to point out that University of Florida has a link to Lynda.com which with the combination of your UF elearning login (whether student or teacher) you can access thousands of online classes to supplement and complement any of your education need. The Lynda website has courses on animation, design, programming, and many others.

university of florida gator

The vintage look.

I would highly recommend you take advantage of their partnership with U of F and take as many courses that pick your interest. Some of these courses might have nothing to do with your class curriculum but it will help you gain a skill that you would otherwise would have to pay to learn.

New Updates

We will continue to update this page with any other information that will be beneficial to you. For the latest issues and announcement definitely visit the UF services web site as they do update it with new info all the time. They also have an online help desk setup to assist you and other college students with any computer issues or other technical related problems as they understand the importance of technology in education.

The Gator’s IT department also has their own YouTube channel where they demonstrate every year the new features available for their website. The last video they publish on this subject is made available below so you can quick catch up on what’s new.