US Airways Wings - US Airways Employee Travel & iLearning Center

US Airways Wings – US Airways Employee Travel & iLearning Center

The US Airways Wings Travel and iLearning Center is the designated website for all the employees of United States Airways. On the website, you can access different information about your employment with the company, find human resources content and simply stay on top of the latest news in the world of US Airways.

All of this is important to stay on top of, which is why it is helpful to log onto your account at the USAirways Wings website regularly and check out the different sections about the company. While you do not need to do this every day, there is always something going on with the business that you should be made aware of (like what is Delta Air Lines is up to), besides the usual travel perks and training classes at the US Airways iLearning portal.

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E-Learning,  iLearning, and LearningPath

For training information, there is updated protocol and training material available on the iLearning US Airways Wings employees center page. Training evolves on a continual basis in the airline industry, from regulations the crew and staff members must follow to the way each is able to interact with customers and passengers, so it is essential to stay on top of these latest changes and trends. By logging into your specific user account, you are able to look over what new training material there is, or you can decide to look over old manuals and instructions, just to brush up.

There are also InFlight Services available to you and the iLearning and LearningPath are great for pilots who are studying to move up to a larger aircraft (or at least different sizes of aircraft). As the pilot and crew build more flight hours, additional jobs and positions become available, so knowing what these different positions are is nice, and the provided training material ensures you are always ready to apply for a position or other sorts of jobs that might become available, but only once you hit a specific number of flight hours.

There is specific E-Learning material though for each type of employee. Pilots have multiple learning links, as do the flight crews. Maintenance and general employees also have access to the training content right on the US Air Wings website. If you have been in the Army or the Navy this type of online learning should be familiar.

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Be Involved At The Wings Portal

There is general news for US Airways Corporate and how it affects you as an employee, right in the middle of the screen. It showcases the latest news that is important to you and you should know about. This is going to point towards what the president and CEO is up to, if there are any particular events inside of the organization that you need to be made aware of and what is going on in the company. There are also news and video clip highlights for crew information, social media content you might want to check up on and just other general information you should know as a US Airways employee/travel partner.

If you are having an work related issues, the Human Resources tab is what you want to check out. Here you can do a few different tasks. First, you can read up on rules and regulations for working inside of the company. You can also file a complaint directly with HR online. This way, if something is going on inside of the company or with individuals you are working with, you can let the company know. This is going to help expedite the process of getting it corrected or doing anything you need to in order to fix the situation.

Regardless of what is going on or what is taking place, you can always use the website to make any sort of claim you need and the HR department is then able to look into it right at the US Airways Employee Wings account portal.

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US Airways Employee Travel Perks

Lastly, let us not forget about the travel perks you receive as a US Airways employee. You can get first class tickets to pretty much any where in the world for a small nominal fee. This is one of those perks that makes you want to stay a US Air employee so you can truly explore the world without breaking the bank.

The more informed you are about your work and the company, the better off you are going to be. All of this information is right at your fingertips and it really does not take all that much effort to locate it. This is made possible by the use of a feature rich learning management system that manages all these online content.

After you go to the URL a list of options are available to you. You can apply for new positions, take new training courses, or simply look up worker benefits. Either way, the US Airways Wings website is extremely helpful and is there to provide assistance.

Sometimes, on the work place, it just isn’t possible to gather the necessary information that you require as so many of the US Airways workers are spread out. With the website though, everyone can stay on top of things or learn new thing related to their employment at the company, one such example is with the new TSA Pre Check implementation. After all, an informed employee is a successful employee, and all of this is going to help you out in the long run.

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